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How To Use Your B2B Data To Ensure Your Blog Topics Are Relevant To Your Audience

Most companies that invest in content marketing know it’s important to have a blog, but they don’t always know how to choose the right blog topics. The right type of content can generate leads for your organization and attract more loyal customers. The wrong topics risk branding you as out of touch, or uninformed. Continue reading


5 Reasons Your Sales Prospects Say No [Infographic]

No. Nope. Sorry, not interested.

Rejection is painful, no matter how your sales prospects say it. If you’re tempted to cry, throw your phone against the wall, or quit on the spot, we don’t blame you. However, there are better ways to channel your frustration. Continue reading


How Shorter Lead Forms Improve Conversion Rates

Name, email address, company. What else do you really need? If your goal is to improve conversion rates, don’t ask for too much information. As a marketer, you want to learn about your prospects so you can create targeted campaigns. However, you can still collect important demographic and firmographic information without asking for it. Continue reading


What Your B2B Data Can Tell You

b2b-dataLying deep within the thousands of contact records in your CRM and marketing automation are treasure troves of data on the people who interact with your brand, and more importantly those who buy. This data can help you generate more leads, shorten the sales cycle, and increase revenue.

In order to run successful campaigns, you need to make sure you’re not making non-data driven (“guessing”) decisions. If you’re making data-driven decisions, it’s important that your data is complete and accurate.

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5 Deadly Marketing Data Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

ZoomInfo and Webmarketing123 recently held a webinar, “5 Deadly Marketing Data Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them).”

Check out the webinar and learn how to:

  • Deliver accurate reporting with a foolproof data hygiene system
  • Drive more leads with progressive profiling and smart data segmentation
  • Finally tie marketing performance to revenue

You can view the webinar slides below or listen to the recording here.

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Cold Calling: What You Need to Know Before Picking up the Phone

As a B2B sales person, you know how difficult cold calling can be. Everyone calls you a telemarketer. They think you’re trying to trap them in a contract, right? Wrong! The truth is if you’re calling the right people with a message that’s relevant to them they’ll see value in what you offer and will even be glad that you called.

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Going Beyond the Business Card

Marketers and sales people have depended on business cards for too long! You collect piles of contacts from trade shows, conferences, and other business events, which you have to manually input into a CRM. You keep the cards in heaping piles in case you need to refer back to them, but would you even be able to find the one you’re looking for?

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shark week

Target Leads like a Great White Shark

Great white sharks are probably the most recognizable underwater predators because they’ve honed their skills over thousands of years. They’ve spent that time growing and evolving to get better at targeting their food sources. We’re going to teach you how you can target prospects like a great white shark.

Companies need revenue to survive, which means that sales and marketing teams need to excel at targeting the right prospects to feed the bottom line with monetary “food”. Sales and marketing departments need to hone their skills and evolve their selling techniques to avoid sleeping with the fishes!

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