Are You Sending Targeted Marketing Campaigns or Bad Poetry?

In honor of Bad Poetry Day, ZoomInfo put together an infographic to ensure you’re sending targeted marketing campaigns to your contacts and not bad poetry. Continue reading


4 Seriously Underrated B2B Marketing Techniques

In an effort to identify the most effective marketing techniques, many organizations insist on implementing the latest industry trends. However, as a data-driven company, we believe it’s important to stick with what works. There’s no need to abandon older methods, as long as they still deliver significant results. Continue reading


How To Use Your B2B Data To Ensure Your Blog Topics Are Relevant To Your Audience

Most companies that invest in content marketing know it’s important to have a blog, but they don’t always know how to choose the right blog topics. The right type of content can generate leads for your organization and attract more loyal customers. The wrong topics risk branding you as out of touch, or uninformed. Continue reading


How to Improve Your Segmentation & Target the Right Buyers

No two customers are exactly alike, so why are marketers still sending generic email blasts to their entire database? In order to make your sales and marketing efforts more efficient, segmenting your contact database is a must. People want solutions that align perfectly with their exact needs, but even if you can’t differentiate your product according to different markets, you can still differentiate your messaging. While it might be tempting to reach as many people as possible and just send one email blast to all of your contacts, targeted email campaigns yield approximately 13.46% more opens and 53.05% more click-throughs (source: MailChimp). Continue reading


Dreamforce 2015: Learn How To Stop The Fight Between Sales & Marketing

ZoomInfo is sponsoring Dreamforce 2015 in San Francisco, CA from September 15-18.


Have you registered for Dreamforce 2015 yet? We’ve partnered with the Dreamforce team to offer you a discount. Use the promo code EC15ZMNF for $100 off your registration fee. Continue reading


10 Inspirational Quotes to Help You Meet Your Sales Quota

The end of the month may be approaching, but there’s still time for you to meet your sales quota. However, if you need some extra motivation to get there, we understand. In order to help you finish this month with a strong performance, we’ve gathered some of our favorite sales quotes. Continue reading