Key LinkedIn analytics to gain your page insights

LinkedIn recently launched a new analytics tab for the company pages that can be quite helpful if you want to understand your page's performance better and use it to drive prospects to your business. Even before LinkedIn launched analytics tab, it provided page insights for the company pages. However, the insights were not as detailed as the analytics and page insights are now. In fact, there are a few elements such as clicks, likes, engagement %, that are common to both analytics and page insights. It might be that eventually LinkedIn would combine these two and make one page, but for now, I thought it would be helpful for our readers to make a note of few metrics that can help them understand the useful metrics for their pages. Continue reading

Use A/B or split testing for Facebook Ads

If you have been working in a function such as web development or marketing, chances are that you have used A/B testing, also known as split testing, in one of your projects. A/B testing is a methodology, especially popular in advertising, that uses randomized experiments with two variants, A and B, in a controlled experiment. Like most other online advertising, Facebook ads can be difficult to master. But with the help of A/B testing, you can soon start getting insights that would help you create better campaigns, and next time you want to run an ad on Facebook, you will spend lesser and lesser time creating successful ads. In this post, I will walk you through all the nitty-gritties you need to know about conducting an A/B testing with your Facebook ad - Continue reading

Before you build prospect list, Build a customer profile

Identifying the right audience is the most important step in the process of finding new customers, prospects or leads. Without knowing your audience, you would not know where to look for them. Once you know what you should be looking for, you can use some of the awesome tools that ZoomInfo has to offer to build the most effective marketing campaigns and target your prospects like you could never before. So how do you go about building your ideal customer's profile? What parameters can you use to filter a large database in order to build a targeted marketing and sales leads list? If you have been in business for some time, most likely you have at least a few customers already. Before you look anywhere else, start by thinking about your existing customers. Following questions would help you get to the answers you need to build your buyer's persona - Continue reading

Sales Presentations: how to make a big impact?

We all like to insert numbers when making a presentation, whether it is to a client, a prospect or someone internal in the company. Numbers provide factual evidence to any argument, and that is why everybody loves to include numbers in a presentation. But the question here is whether you are presenting the numbers in a way that they would make the impact that you are actually hoping for? Let me walk you through an example that would illustrate my point better - Continue reading

Revisiting the basics of lead generation

Lead generation or, in other words, finding new customers, is essential for any business to survive. But every now and then, I believe it is a good idea, for any organization, to revisit its lead generation strategies. One of the ways I like to think about it is by going over a list of all the possible strategies that might be available for lead generation. The marketing team at ZoomInfo thought that it would be a great idea to compile this list and make it available to our readers as well. While many of us might be the lead generation ninjas, it never hurts to go through the ever evolving lead generation strategies once again. The new guide that we have published covers all the basic concepts of lead generation, including 'what is a lead?' and 'how to define a lead for your organization?'. I would encourage you to download this free resource and use it as best as possible, but I would also like to give a sneak peek of our latest guide. Continue reading

ZoomInfo for Small Businesses

One of the biggest challenges Small Businesses face is acquiring new customers or leads. Having once been a small business owner myself, I couldn't emphasize this more. You might have heard about many strategies and tools that are available in the market for lead generation. But the problem is that as a small business, working with these tools is often difficult, as you have a number of limitations, such as finite manpower, infrastructure constraints and limited budget. Continue reading

Three content marketing lessons from B2Cs

Preface - Historically, marketers have approached B2B and B2C marketing strategies very differently. But the past decade has witnessed some key technological developments and trends, such as Internet and Social Media, which is making marketers revisit their approach to B2B and B2C marketing once again. With the rise of Internet and Social Media, businesses are observing a rising wave of 'Content Marketing'. B2Cs were the early adopters of content marketing, but B2Bs are catching up and the margin between the two is diminishing at a fast rate. Before I continue any further, I first want to share a little about my background. Continue reading

Feeling dirty?

So you've got a stellar email program? Great! Do you write eye-catching subject lines and tantalize readers with your dapper HTML skills? Fantastic. There’s just one problem; your list is dirty (and not in the fun way). One crucial part of best-practice email marketing is often one of the most ignored rules, too. By maintaining a clean list, you are trimming off the excess weight that's been holding your results hostage for so long. In a new article on ZoomInsights, email marketing expert Christine Doré explains how and why she regular purges inactive subscribers from her organization’s email program. Want an easy way to improve your open and click-through rates? Read Doré’s excellent advice.

When buyers won’t admit they need your help

Buyers withhold information from salespeople all the time. Sometimes it’s to gain a negotiating advantage, or to quickly end an unwanted sales call. But just as often, buyers hold back because disclosure puts their self-images at risk. They’re hiding something that, if revealed, would make them lose face, expose a fault or suggest – not to you, but to themselves – that they’re not living up to their own expectations. Guest author Michael Boyette discusses this issue in a new ZoomInsights article. He suggests a “Four A’s Approach” to get buyers to feel comfortable discussing needs that your product or service can address. Check out the article and learn how you can move a sale ahead by acknowledging that challenges are normal, asking for help, accepting information without explanations and advancing the conversation.