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5 Key Takeaways from SiriusDecisions Technology Exchange #SDTechX

Last week, SiriusDecisions held their first Technology Exchange event in San Francisco. With more than 500 attendees and 31 sponsors, the energy was extremely high. The passionate experts made us all feel empowered to go forth and change sales and marketing for the better. Anything seems possible after learning new approaches and amplified abilities, which is why we put together a list of the top 5 key takeaways for you to print out and hang up at your desk. Continue reading


Learn How to Leverage Technology at the SiriusDecisions 2015 Technology Exchange

ZoomInfo is sponsoring the SiriusDecisions 2015 Technology Exchange in San Francisco from November 19-20.









Are you planning to attend the 2015 Technology Exchange? We’ll be there!  Continue reading


Steps to Creating Buyer Persona Profiles [infographic]

The Importance of Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are defined as profiles of your best customers. In order to determine who to target and the best way to speak to these people, you need to identify your buyer personas. Uncovering the characteristics of your best buyers is critical for developing targeted content, product development, sales follow up, and anything related to customer acquisition and retention. In fact: Continue reading


Dreamforce 2015: Learn How To Stop The Fight Between Sales & Marketing

ZoomInfo is sponsoring Dreamforce 2015 in San Francisco, CA from September 15-18.


Have you registered for Dreamforce 2015 yet? We’ve partnered with the Dreamforce team to offer you a discount. Use the promo code EC15ZMNF for $100 off your registration fee. Continue reading


10 Inspirational Quotes to Help You Meet Your Sales Quota

The end of the month may be approaching, but there’s still time for you to meet your sales quota. However, if you need some extra motivation to get there, we understand. In order to help you finish this month with a strong performance, we’ve gathered some of our favorite sales quotes. Continue reading


5 Reasons Your Sales Prospects Say No [Infographic]

No. Nope. Sorry, not interested.

Rejection is painful, no matter how your sales prospects say it. If you’re tempted to cry, throw your phone against the wall, or quit on the spot, we don’t blame you. However, there are better ways to channel your frustration. Continue reading