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Before you build prospect list, Build a customer profile


Identifying the right audience is the most important step in the process of finding new customers, prospects or leads. Without knowing your audience, you would not know where to look for them. Once you know what you should be looking for, you can use some of the awesome tools that ZoomInfo has to offer to build the most effective marketing campaigns and target your prospects like you could never before. So how do you go about building your ideal customer’s profile? What parameters can you use to filter a large database in order to build a targeted marketing and sales leads list?

If you have been in business for some time, most likely you have at least a few customers already. Before you look anywhere else, start by thinking about your existing customers. Following questions would help you get to the answers you need to build your buyer’s persona – Continue reading


How much Web form do you really need?


Still sending partial leads to your sales team – ones you’ve collected from your Web form with only an email address and maybe a name? Before you create a longer Web response form on your landing pages, check out our latest ZoomInsights article. What’s the best length for a Web form? Are there other ways to get the info you need? You might be surprised to learn that a long, cumbersome form is sometimes the best idea and that there are ways to collect just an email address and still send your sales team a total picture of the prospect. Find out more, on ZoomInsights.


Getting vital details on Web forms with fewer fields


How do you get enough information from Web visitors to score leads, without bombarding them with too many Web form questions? Too few fields in your Web form and you could waste your sales team’s time. Some companies intentionally make Web forms long so that only serious prospects will complete them. But they might be leaving money on the table.

If your company needs as many Web form leads as it can get, form completion has to be super simple – and that means the bare minimum number of required fields. Like one: “Email address.”

That’s right. Thanks to new technology, you can rid Web forms of other demographic questions (i.e., name, job title, company name, company size, industry classification or other similar information) while still getting the vital information you need to properly score leads.

Don Wynns, vice president of business development here at ZoomInfo, writes about this new technology in a new article on ZoomInsights. He explains how technologies like the new ZoomInfo Append SparkPlug for Eloqua make it possible to create Web forms that have just one field and still get enough information to score the leads!

The article is a bit of a preview of a March 28 webinar, in which Wynns will provide more information about real-time Web form appending technologies, as well as a number of Web form best practices. Register for the webinar.


Introducing ZoomInfo Email Validation


An automated and low-cost option, email marketing has become a major arrow in the demand generation quiver. Since the average business spends $150,000 to generate 1000 leads – at a $150 per lead – maximizing campaign value really rests on where your email communications go, namely to the in-boxes of the right people.

Until now, when a contact left a business there was no way to ensure that future email campaigns wouldn’t be sent to them. Undeliverable emails run the risk of ruining your reputation and the effectiveness of your campaigns, because emails aren’t going to where they’re supposed to.

But that was until now.

Today ZoomInfo is pleased to unveil the newest offering in our spectrum of Data Services, ZoomInfo Email Validation, so you never have to worry about your reputation or deliverability again.

What is ZoomInfo Email Validation?

Step One: We will take your email marketing contact database and run a live deliverability test, checking (without emailing) that each email address has an in-box attached to it that can receive emails. We will then report back to you which emails are valid and which are not.

Step Two: For the invalid emails, we will harness the power of the ZoomInfo database of 5 million businesses and 50 million professionals to cleanse your database by the following:

  • Updating your existing email contacts where applicable
  • Providing new email contacts to replace invalid ones
  • Approximating new contacts at the same company and in the same position
  • Locating existing contacts who have moved on to new companies, and providing the new information

Step Three: You get a complete, updated and verified contact database to power your demand generation campaigns!

It needs to be noted that ZoomInfo continuously runs the same validation process on every email in our entire database to ensure deliverability.  No matter the size of your database, this is the solution you have been waiting for!

Ready to talk to ZoomInfo? Click the link for a Data Consultation today!




Today we launched what will be the first of many editorial features that will offer real, actionable insights into sales and marketing automation and database quality issues.

Our first ZoomInsight feature is on the “10 Steps to Avoid Spam Filters…and Protect Your Company’s Reputation.” In it we feature tips from industry leaders that you can take directly to your email campaigns to make them stronger, more productive and less likely to end up in the spam folder.

Check back as we update and post more ZoomInsights!

Click the link for more information on ZoomInfo’s Products and Services.


5 Signs Your Database Is Burnt Out


If you are a business with a pulse and looking to make a profit, chances are your company has a large and ever-growing database of business contacts. Improper cleaning techniques coupled with the weight of time leads to certain telltale signs that your database in its present incarnation has run its course:

1. Skeletons

Year after year names go in, but nothing seems to come out. The skeletons of old contacts keep piling up and cluttering your operations. Contacts who are long gone make the smallest of companies look like they are multinational conglomerates. Larry in Sales retired ten years ago but you are still trying your best to reach him.

2. Duplicates

A lead comes in and the name of the contact gets entered into your database. Nothing happens with this lead in the sales cycle and it lies dormant. Fast forward six months and the same contact approaches you at a trade show and he or she goes into the database – again. Duplicate mailings, bombarded email addresses, confused salespeople are just the beginning of what duplicate records can do to ruin your database’s productivity.

3. Dead Ends

An email is sent to the wrong contact. A mailer goes halfway across the world. Sales calls end up in customer support. No matter what it is, the wall hit when pursuing a dead-end lead can be difficult for even the most experienced salesperson.

4. Crickets

When even your most innovative efforts to connect with business contacts elicit no response time after time, it is time to think about updating.

5. Slammed Doors

Customer acrimony is the canary in the coalmine in database management. If your efforts rely on bad data, they will begin to clutter your operations. A certain degree of errors are to be expected, but if they continuously compound on one another to bombard prospective or current clients into ignoring you, or worse speaking ill of you, a drop-off in productivity and ROI can be guaranteed.

If any of these apply to your database, it may be time to clean it up. Click the link for more information on ZoomInfo and what we can do to update your database so these signs can be avoided.


Pro Day Follow-Up


Yesterday ZoomInfo held Pro Day with a demo of ZoomInfo Pro and 24 hours of FREE access to the ZoomInfo database. We had a great turnout and look forward to our next Pro Day on Tuesday May 3, 2011 at 2:00PM ET.

Inevitably we weren’t able to get to all the questions asked, so here are a few leftovers:

Q: Can ZoomInfo isolate only companies or users of specific products, such as Google search appliance users?

While ZoomInfo allows searches based on many different criteria, we currently do not gather information regarding specific products businesses use, so we do not have information in our database that allows us to search in that way.

Q: Do you make sure that if other people update information it is checked for accuracy first?

If a registrant to ZoomInfo creates or modifies their own profile, we expect them to volunteer accurate information about themselves and their professional status. However, like Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites that ask users to submit information, we cannot verify all information manually submitted to our site.

If information is submitted through ZoomInfo Community Edition, the bulk of it comes from the header and signature of emails sent and received by the community member. The name, email address, and company associated with that email address is verified from the headers and date stamped based on the sent/received date.  These can provide us with a name, title, company name, direct phone number, company URL, and more. If the information in the headers or signatures is incorrect, then it will remain incorrect until ZoomInfo finds new information to update it with.

Q: Can you set an alert for one specific person’s name?

Yes, just click “Set Alert” at the top of each profile.

Q: Is there a direct export function to Salesforce CRM?

We do have a Salesforce integration but it is a separate application and requires installation into Salesforce in order to import data directly from ZoomInfo. Check it out.

Q: How would I download the physical address at the same time with email and phone info?

When you export a list from ZoomInfo Pro, the export file always includes the company headquarter address, as well as email, phone, title, company information, revenue, website, etc.

Q: How US-centric is the data? I see some international data, but how much?

Our data is from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. The vast majority is from the United States and Canada.

Q:  When you extract data to excel does that include linkedin, twitter, facebook profiles?

We provide the ability for you to search on Facebook and LinkedIn within the Pro application, but we do not provide the URLs themselves.

For more information please check out our ZoomInfo Pro page. Click the link for our upcoming Webinars.


The Dirty Data Pipeline


Much is made of the negative effects dirty data can have on an enterprise. In fact, we’re in the business of helping others update their data to avoid the black hole that results when business data goes bad. But what are we talking about in the trenches of day-to-day business life when we say “dirty data”?

It starts as:

  • A contact record with incorrect information, a name spelled wrong or a bad address.
  • Incorrect company information: name, address or email/telephone contact data.
  • Incomplete records with fields that are empty or null due to poor capture techniques.
  • Duplicate records with inconsistent information, again due to poor capture techniques.
  • Complete fields that contain non-sense data: “TBA,” “TBD,” “TBC,” etc
  • Old and outdated data.

It becomes:

  • An inability to get in touch with contacts period via email or phone.
  • Sales reps are unable to reach or communicate with the correct decision-makers at prospect organizations.
  • Marketers can’t target their efforts toward the correct persons or businesses.
  • A waste of the everyone’s time because a contact no longer works at the company or a contact that is a bad fit but they don’t know it.
  • Pathetic email response rates.
  • Returned mailing campaigns.

It ends as:

  • Loss of efficiency & productivity as sales teams have to retrace their steps.
  • Lost prospects and thus potential clients.
  • Wasted time and money dedicated towards prospecting the wrong or nonexistent decision-makers.
  • All this precipitates into a decline in revenue and a dismal return on investment.

For solutions to these problems, check out ZoomInfo’s products and services so your business can regain control over dirty data and accelerate its performance.


What is ZoomInfo Community Edition?


Panning GoldZoomInfo is a leader in the business data industry because our technology enables us to find, assemble and offer business information that is of the latest variety. The 2,000 business and 25,000 employee profiles created on a daily basis are culled from publicly available business information from across the internet. In addition to this we also utilize the contributions of subscribers to our free product offering, ZoomInfo Community Edition,  to further ensure that our data is the most current on the market.

The ease of gaining full access to our database is truly unrivaled. With a simple download and installation of the free ZoomInfo Contact Contributor, users gain complete access to ZoomInfo’s continuously-updated, multi-source database of 5 million companies and 50 million professionals.

Simply put,  the Contact Contributor accesses your Outlook account and intelligently reads the information about your business contacts. This contact information is then brought into the ZoomInfo database where it is used to create new profiles or to update existing ones. Continue reading


Shining light on the end of the sales funnel


Marketing automation is Job One among b2b companies. Or not.

Twenty-one percent of b2b marketers said their marketing automation software is fully implemented while 37% said their marketing automation software is partially implemented, according to “MarketingSherpa’s 2011 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report.”

However, 21% of respondents indicated that they had no plans to implement a marketing automation software solution.

Continue reading