Top 10 Tips for the New Financial Advisor

Financial advisors always need to be on their A-game. Consequently, the financial sector faces high turnover as reps burnout from stress, exhaustion or no feeling of accomplishment.

So, how can managers help a new financial advisor succeed?

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Engaging on Social Media: 4 Strategies for Sales Leaders

Did you know 75% of B2B buyers and 85% of C-level/VP executives use social media to make purchasing decisions (source: IDC)? Yet, many sales leaders fail to recognize social media as a viable tool to grow business. Combined with traditional prospecting methods, social selling can yield powerful results. Continue reading


7 Things Financial Advisors Need to Know [Infographic]

In the age of the internet, transparency rules. Instead of taking financial advisors on their word, customers are going online to check credentials, performance, reviews and more. In order to be successful, advisors need to make sure they stand out from the crowd.

So how do you compare to the competition? Are your licenses and qualifications up to par? Can you explain to prospective clients how your remuneration isn’t a conflict of interest, and that you have their best interests at heart? These are only some of the critical issues that financial advisors need to keep at the top of their heads when engaging with prospects. Continue reading


How to Create Job Candidate Personas for Recruiting

Commonly used by sales and marketing professionals, buyer personas are profiles of their best buyers – created by combining the traits, characteristics and behaviors of their most active customers. These profiles are then used to help align communications with their personas’ motivators, values, goals or fears. You can borrow this same principle to create job candidate personas for recruiting. Continue reading


5 Types of B2B Leads & How to Sell to Them

Let’s get this straight: your B2B leads have different needs and interests. But after countless conversations, you’ll notice some similarities.

In order to turn more leads into sales, you need to truly understand who you’re speaking with, and how you can help. With this in mind, we put together a list, which outlines how to sell to common lead personalities. Continue reading