Demand generation vs. Lead Generation: Important Details Every B2B Marketer Should Know

demand-generation-lead-generationWhat’s the difference between demand generation and lead generation? If you don’t know, you’re not alone. Many B2B marketers recognize the value of both, and incorporate them into the same campaigns. However, in order to see results, you need to separate the two and have them work together in sequence. Continue reading


ZoomInfo Can Help You Improve Your Sales Prospecting at the AA-ISP Inside Sales Leadership Summit

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Improve Your Inbound Marketing Campaigns by Shortening Your Lead Forms [infographic]

Shorter Lead Forms = Higher Conversion Rates

Have you ever started to fill out a lead form, but got to the point where it was too long and you either gave up or put in fake information? Most visitors are the same way, which can have a severe impact on your marketing campaigns and the bottom line. According to a recent study by Marketo, reducing the number of fields on lead forms from nine to five improved conversion rates by 34%. Additionally:

  • Short (5 fields) conversion = 13.4%
  • Medium (7 fields) conversion = 12%
  • Long (9 fields) conversion = 10%

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Marketo Marketing Nation Summit Attendees: Maximize Your Qualified Leads with Shorter Lead Forms

ZoomInfo is sponsoring The Marketo Marketing Nation Summit in San Francisco, CA from April 13-16.


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Two Days of Innovation at ZoomInfo’s TechFest!

A few times per year ZoomInfo holds TechFest, a two day period for the engineering team to collaborate on mini projects with few constraints. During this time the engineers are encouraged to have fun and experiment. In fact, the only rule is there are no good or bad ideas. Continue reading